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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shooting the Big Apple.

It is my belief that in order to be a truly great photographer you must be able to present the object(s) in such a way that anyone could call it a great piece, regardless if they are typically fond of the subject matter or not.  For instance, the general populace would most likely be in agreement that spiders are horrid creatures, yet a great photographer knows how to frame that spider in such a way that even the most timid of viewers could not help but say, "That is a great photograph".  I speak from experience as I am probably the worst arachnid advocate in the world, yet I have seen some amazing photos of them that even someone as squeamish as myself could genuinely appreciate... and even like.

In my time spent on photography websites browsing hundreds of images and conversing with numerous artists, none have depicted this concept of "great photography" to me moreso than the work of Miriam Danar's.

Miriam is a New Yorker; she works, eats and sleeps the Big Apple, so naturally the urban landscape floods her photographic portfolio.  Though some may begin to wonder why this is such a big deal as there are many New York photographers, the story to follow is the reason why I find Marian's work to be a stand out from the rest.

I am a pretty simple small-town Wisconsin girl.  Playing in the woods and in farmer's fields was a typical day for me and my siblings growing up, and we wished for nothing more.  We enjoyed a quiet neighborhood, close family and friends, and lots of wide open space to roam... and we did so from dawn til dusk, day in and day out.  Most of my fondest memories include the scenery in some way or another, whether it was a lush field of fresh fallen snow or the last few warm rays on my face from the setting sun.  Being outside in the peace and solitude that surrounded was always a thrill, and still is to this day.

The concept of a "big city" has always been somewhat of a foreign thing because of those long days spent almost entirely in nature.  I could never understand why someone would put up a building so large that it would block the sunsets, or why someone would want to wake up to the sound of traffic rather than the birds singing.  So much commotion... how could anyone stand it?  For all of the glitz and glam, where would one go to find the simple, quiet things?  I convinced myself that within the confines of a large city, the simple and quiet ceased to exist, and it has been for this reason that I have not and typically still do not visit cities larger than a few thousand in total population.  However, closed minds lead to closed lives, and sometimes it just takes the right thing at the right time to open your eyes to new possibilities... even the ones you never thought you would contemplate.

Miriam's photography has done just that for me.  Though I have always been somewhat curious about the city, I have never had any real desire to visit until I stumbled upon her photographs.  Among the bustling streets, she finds instances of peace and solitude.

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She proves that a sunset is no more marred by a building than any other object that catches and reflects the golden rays, or stands silhouette to its glow.

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And that the people are just that; people.  Not lifeless souls wandering aimlessly, but individuals with emotion and purpose like any other, engaged as they are in some form or another in their daily lives.

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She captures all of these fleeting moments in such a way that the viewer - much like the one seeing the spider photograph - cannot help but admit it to themselves; they absolutely love it.  And so starts this small-town girl's plans to one day visit (and shoot) the Big Apple.

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